Middlesex 3 is both a region and an organization, so there are really two answers to the question, “Why M3?”– the M3 Corridor region is an ideal location to locate or grow your business and the M3 Coalition will help your business find the resources to do just that.

1.) Why Locate your Business in the M3 Corridor Region? – Businesses of all sizes get their start here or re-locate here because of the Corridor’s ideal location, diverse workforce, top-ranked schools, and local and state resources that help businesses stay competitive.

2. ) Why Should your Business Join the Coalition? – Whether you are thinking of locating your start-up here or are an established organization with a business challenge or an interest in keeping our region economically strong, M3 can help navigate the many resources and opportunities available in the region.

If you’re still not sure if your company belongs here or if you should join the Coalition, schedule a meeting. We will be happy to answer your questions and welcome you to our community.

Map showing the Middlesex 3 Corridor Region in relation to Boston, Massachusetts