Vaccine Supply Puts Hold on Employer-Based Vaccination Clinics

COVID 19 Vaccine

Please see the update on vaccine rollout efforts from the Massachusettts COVID-19 Command Center:

At this time, we do not receive sufficient vaccine supply from the Federal Government to support an employer based vaccine program. Based upon federal supply projections, we had hoped and planned to allow companies to participate, however, we now ask the business community to hold off on efforts to set up employer based vaccination clinics.�

The streamlining of the Commonwealth�s vaccination program comes as the state continues to do everything possible to increase the rate of administration of vaccines while operating in a very constrained environment. Massachusetts only receives 139,000 first doses of vaccine on a weekly basis from the Federal Government. That weekly allotment is far less than the supply the Commonwealth had expected to receive based on federal projections. 

Our efforts to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of our vaccination program while ensuring equitable distribution has led to difficult decisions. Despite making challenging tradeoffs, Massachusetts is now ranked 1st in the country for administration of vaccines for states with more than 5 million people and 9thbest among all states. In addition, Massachusetts is second in the administration of vaccines to individuals who are black. For the immediate future, the Commonwealth is focusing on large throughput locations that are available to all Massachusetts residents (as well as those who work or study here) until such time that vaccine supply increases dramatically. 

We understand that some business may have taken steps to establish vaccination programs. We hope that as the vaccine supply increases, we will be able to continue to discuss employer sponsored clinics for employees who are eligible to receive vaccinations.  We regret the necessity of taking this step at this time. Thank you for your continued partnership as we continue to battle COVID-19. 

All questions can be referred to the COVID-19 Command Center by emailing [email protected].


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