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Biological Sciences at UMass Lowell

Following the U. Mass Lowell’s Core Research and Innovation Hub facilities and equipment event, there has been a release of resources for businesses in the area. The state has avoucher programthat reimburses for a lot of the fees that are already of great value!

Here is The Main Page and The link to the equipmentlists .


  • Companies with 10 or fewer employees receive a 75 percent subsidy.
  • Companies with 11-50 employees receive a 50 percent subsidy.
  • Companies must be headquartered and registered to do business in the state of Massachusetts.

If you are looking for co-development and faculty support, please have a description and send it directly to Arlene Parquette [email protected] Or, reach out to her if you know what you need to accomplish but not how.

If you are further along and getting ready to build your product or even manufacture it, reach out to FORGE to find the right supplier. Fill out the brief form here and schedule time with us https://forgemass.org/startups.

Several of the other U.Masslocations have similar access!


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