As a public / private partnership of businesses, not-for-profit organizations, educational institutions, and municipalities, the Middlesex 3 Coalition plays a vital role in shaping regional economic development priorities and policy. Members also receive specific tangible benefits from their membership:

1.) Access to key decision-makers and thought leaders from area businesses, academia, real estate, nonprofits, and local, state and federal governments.

    • Through the Coalition, members lend their voices to programs and policies that impact regional economic development.
    • M3 holds regular events attended by key municipal, regional, and federal stakeholders to promote development and advocate for the region.
    • M3 facilitates a series of members-only stakeholder meetings, which focus on the M3 target areas and priorities.

2.) Business development assistance for members moving or expanding into the region. M3 can: 

    • Provide resources for infrastructure and transportation projects
    • Facilitate employment and workforce needs, including grants and training programs
    • Serve as a direct line to legislators
    • Provide introductions to business, municipal and financial contacts
    • Act as a resource to review and streamline the permitting process
    • Aid in identifying potential development sites

3.) Access to the most up-to-date information on economic development initiatives happening in the M3 region.

    • Members can attend monthly “What’s Happening” meetings where municipal leaders and/or area businesses share their projects and initiatives, as well as the status of infrastructure projects, zoning changes and real estate developments. 
    • Middlesex 3 members get access to economic development research, plus resources and events offered by other Coalition partners and members. 

4.) A platform to promote business or services to key decision-makers.

    • Opportunities are available for member companies to sponsor, speak at, and host Middlesex 3 meetings and events. M3 encourages authentic engagement through these events by showcasing subject matter experts, and industry opinion leaders, and by highlighting new technology and best-in-class developments. 
    • Middlesex 3 members and sponsors are recognized on the Middlesex 3 website and in the member newsletters and on social media. 

5.) Entrance to Middlesex 3 programs and events for free or at a discounted rate.

    • M3 provides its members (and their employees) free access to events, including the M3 annual meeting, business leadership forums, membership meetings, stakeholder meetings, and industry-focused roundtables.
    • M3 members receive discounted access on co-branded programs and events, including the Top Places to Work Forum and NEREJ Annual Forum. 

6.) Reduced admission to UMass Lowell’s Graduate, Online, & Professional Studies Programs

7.) Access to Coalition transportation resources.