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Middlesex Community College Offers “Ready to Attend College” Classes for Fall 2023

The Middlesex Community College’s English Learner Institute (ELI) is now offering Fall 2023 Prepare to Attend College classes, and are currently accepting applications.

As part of the Institute, a free program called Prepare to Attend College (PAC), is offered up to 3 times per year. Anyone who is a newcomer to the United States, or needs to develop basic English skills, is eligible for this program. This is a basic noncredit ESOL class.  The class is free, and the required textbook is $50.  

Students can register now (complete the attached form and return via email or in person). Once we receive completed registration forms, we will contact students in late August/Early September 2023 to set up a time to meet with the instructor who will determine their placement into Level 1 or Level 2. The assessments will take place the week of September 11th between 9am and 1pm.

Class Information:


IEL 100 50 (11383)

IEL 100 52 (11385)

Prepare to Attend College Level 1

Prepare to Attend College Level 2

October 2 through December 8

October 2 through December 8

8:30am to 10:15am   

10:30am to 12:15pm

Lowell Cowan Center

Lowell Cowan Center

Professor Zhang

Professor Zhang

Please contact Katy Gentile with any question or for more information:
[email protected] or at 978-656-3212

Transportation Subcommittee Meeting

Join this Member Subcommittee to discuss Transportation issues and solutions to improve local businesses and communities in the Middlesex 3 Region.

Minuteman High School Elects A New Superintendent

The Minuteman Regional Vocational Technical School Committee voted to appoint Dr. Kathleen A. Dawson as the new Superintendent-Director of the Minuteman Regional Vocational Technical School District. Dawson’s agreed upon 3 year long agreement is effective July 1st, 2022. Dr. Dawson will be succeeding Dr. Edward A. Bouquillon, who is retiring after 15 years of leading the Minuteman district (Acton, Arlington, Bolton, Concord, Dover, Lancaster, Lexington, Needham and Stowe).

Coming to Minuteman all the way from being Deputy Superintendent of the Orange County School District in North Carolina. She received her Master’s in Education in 2001 from Harvard University and her Ed.D from the University of Pennsylvania in 2015. Dawson grabbed the Committee’s attention with her vast career experiences and her creative approaches to build upon Minuteman’s mission to provide high-quality career and technical education.

We look forward to watching how Dr. Kathleen A. Dawson improves the district in the next 3 years!