Middlesex 3 will assist land and property developers with their projects in the region. From help identifying available parcels, working with municipalities on permitting, to marketing a new property, the Coalition can connect developers with the appropriate business, and local and state resources.

RE & Infrastructure Subcommittee

Middlesex 3 Coalition members formed an Infrastructure Subcommittee to address common infrastructure issues affecting the region. The subcommittee holds regular meetings at various locations along the Middlesex 3 Corridor.

For more information on this committee, please contact Steve Sadwick, Tewskbury Community Development Director or Stephanie Cronin, M3 Executive Director.

Expedited Permitting Survey for M3 Communities

The Middlesex 3 Expedited Permitting Matrix compares each M3 community’s approach to permitting for topics ranging from permit standardization to communication with applicants.

Route 3 Infrastructure Analysis

Click below to view the Infrastructure Analysis report prepared for the five original Middlesex 3 Communities (Bedford, Billerica, Burlington, Chelmsford and Lowell) by the BSC Group in February 2010.