Rep. Seth Moulton and Secretary Buttigieg Discuss High-Speed Rail

High Speed Rail

WASHINGTON – During yesterday’s Transportation and Infrastructure Committee hearing, Rep. Seth Moulton and Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg discussed the benefits of high-speed rail and the importance of making it a reality in the upcoming infrastructure negotiations in Congress. Click on the photo below for a clip of the exchange.

Seth Moulton High Speed Rail

 Rep. Moulton recently rolled out a national plan, the American High-Speed Rail Act. It would transform how Americans travel and get to work.

If enacted, Americans would have a choice to travel by high-speed rail rather than driving or flying. High-speed rail is faster, cleaner, safer, and more reliable than driving or flying when traveling or commuting to destinations within 750 miles, but America lags far behind the rest of the world when it comes to its development. As Moulton pointed out in a white paper preceding his bill, that’s because Congress does not invest in rail at a level anywhere close to air and road travel.

More about Moulton’s plans are available here and here.


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