Middlesex 3 Welcomes 3 New Members to the Coalition!

SAK Environmental 

– SAK Environmental is “mission-focused” to help solve today’s complex environmental challenges facing clients, and that requires collaboration – within and outside our organization.  How do we collaborate? By broadly training our staff to better understand and communicate with other experts we may work with such as design engineers, construction managers, facilities managers, government, and manufacturing.  The result is new ideas and cost effective solutions.

Solving today’s environmental challenges demands new ideas, because environmental considerations are woven into every aspect of economic activity.  Where do new ideas come from? They come from fully understanding a client’s risk tolerance, testing regulatory assumptions, and applying technologies that make sense.  SAK Environmental’s new ideas have helped our clients minimize disposal costs, reduce their carbon footprint, and secure operating permits that enable business growth.

Anderson Strategic Advisors LLC

– Anderson Strategic Advisors, LLC is a Boston area economic development and government relations firm that specializes in forging efficient and productive relationships between business and government. Our mission is to provide high quality, value-add services that enable businesses to work with governments in the most effective and efficient way.
Anderson offers expertise in business incentive programs and infrastructure financing tools, economic development strategy, land use planning and permitting, and government relations.

Anderson helps its clients to identify solutions and opportunities, generate road maps to achieving goals, and implement strategies that deliver tangible results. With our assistance, Anderson clients are able to access public financing and incentives programs, save countless hours navigating government hurdles and red tape, and manage government relationships most effectively.

FDE Hydro 

FDE Hydro is advancing the North American water infrastructure industry by developing innovative technologies for the next-generation hydro run of the river dams, modular prestress concrete power house facilities, pump storage civil structures, reservoir and water control systems and retrofit of existing high hazard dams, modular aquatic animal passage systems.

FDE Hydro Introduces Modular Precast Concrete Scalable Technology for Construction & Retrofit of Hydro and Water Control Systems. FDE Hydro owns exclusive IP rights to all of North America regarding civil water infrastructure solutions.

The “French Dam” is a patented next generation Precast Modular Construction and Retrofit technology for building new and refurbishment of existing small and medium head hydro electric and water control dams.

With assistance from the U.S. Department of Energy, FDE Hydro fabricated, demonstrated and validated the proof of concept of its patented (“French Dam”) modular precast water control structure in 2016.

The company estimates this technology can reduce civil construction and maintenance costs by up to 60%, shorten duration of construction by 50% and mitigate most risks associated with “cast-in-place” traditional construction methods which gives the developer a much faster ROI.

FDE Hydro has agreements with the top precast manufacturing innovators that gives FDE Hydro a supply chain of precast and pre-stress manufacturing covering all of North America.