MassHire Career Centers

Local MassHire Career Centers connect businesses and jobseekers through a statewide network of employment professionals. 

Businesses can post jobs, work with their local workforce board to identify training and training providers, and partner to create internship opportunities for local youth. MassHire is also a source for labor statistics for the region.

  • Billerica
  • Chelmsford
  • Lowell
  • Tewksbury
  • Tyngsborough
  • Westford

MassHire Metro South West Career Center

  • Bedford
  • Carlisle
  • Lexington

Massachusetts Workforce Boards

Your local MassHire Workforce Board oversees its regional MassHire Career Centers and designs strategies and programs that best meet the needs of job seekers and businesses in their region.

Workforce Boards are comprised of Career Center staff, local employers, and state and regional partners like REDOs (Regional Economic Development Organizations), Chambers of Commerce, and other organizations that support the community. 

Employers can get involved by joining a local Workforce Board, Workforce Board Committee, or Youth Council. 

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