Mass FORWARD Legislation for a Post-Pandemic Economy

The Administration filed a substantial legislative package to support Massachusetts’s path forward into a post-pandemic economy, An Act Investing in Future Opportunities for Resiliency, Workforce, and Revitalized Downtowns (or FORWARD). The legislation would enable new infrastructure and jobs, and invest in every city and town in the Commonwealth.  This legislation contains a significant set of opportunities to advance community and economic development, including a number of shovel-ready projects in cities and towns across the Commonwealth. These projects are consistent with the state’s policy objectives and almost all represent projects recently proposed by municipalities, and would ensure that every community receives at least $250,000 in funding. I encourage you to review the more detailed summary of the bill in the press release.

You can review the bill text to see the projects in your cities and towns that would be funded by MA FORWARD, and express support to your elected officials.

Today, we find ourselves at a unique moment in the Commonwealth’s history. We are facing urgent needs, but are armed with unprecedented collaboration and available funding to address them.