All About the M3 TMA

What is the M3 TMA?

The Middlesex 3  Transportation Management Association (“M3 TMA”) works to provide transportation alternatives for the single-car commuter. 

Through initiatives like dedicated bus and bike lines, expanded public transit, private shuttles, and ride share programs, we work to promote programs and infrastructure that supports mass transit. 

There are several “TMA’s” throughout the Boston/Metro area, and we partner with those organizations under the umbrella of MassCommute.

The TMA addresses a variety of needs including: traditional commuting from the suburbs into the Boston/Cambridge area, reverse commuting–from Boston/Cambridge to the Middlesex 3 area, and non-commuting trips between communities.

Who can join the M3 TMA?

Companies, residential complexes, institutions of higher education, and municipalities, can join our TMA to access our services, and to support the vital work of improving transportation  in our communities. 

How does my organization become a member of the M3 TMA?

To join the M3 TMA, you an fill-out our online application form

Most members join the M3 Coalition first, as Coalition members can join the TMA for a discount.

Membership renews annually.

Additional Benefits of TMA Membership

M3 TMA Green your Commute Car

Creating a community consciousness regarding transportation and the need to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality

M3 TMA Providing Leadership

Providing leadership in combining area resources to maximize mobility within and access to the communities

M3 TMA Providing a Network

Coordinating a network of transportation resources to effectively move people

M3 TMA Ridesharing Option Image

Offering direct services to business partners that encourage employees to choose not to drive alone to work

M3 TMA Saving Money for your Employees Image

Enhancing the area’s economic vitality while minimizing the impact of development

Making the most efficient use of nearby public transportation services

Contact Us

Shuttle Questions Call:
Phone support is available from 9AM to 5PM EST.
Middlesex 3 Transportation Management Association
12 Andover Road #1
Billerica, MA 01801

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The Middlesex 3 Transportation Management Association (“M3 TMA”) has been formed by the Middlesex 3 Coalition to address transportation issues in the region which includes the communities of Bedford, Billerica, Burlington, Carlisle, Chelmsford, Lexington, Lowell, Tewksbury, Tyngsborough, Westford, and Woburn, Massachusetts.

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