Erland Construction: Achieving New Heights with EMD Serono

Erland Construction Completes New 149,000sf State-of-the-Art Lab & Office Building for EMD Serono.

Erland, in collaboration with FMC, PM Group, and INTEC Group, Inc., have completed a new 149,000 square-foot office and lab building on EMD Seronos growing Research & Development campus in Billerica, Mass. The team worked closely with BR+A, BSC Group, and LeMessurier to design and complete the project with an emphasis on reducing or eliminating occupational hazards and risks, an initiative known as Prevention through Design.

Dubbed the Horizon Building, the 4-story cutting-edge facility provides EMD Serono employees with a vibrant environment to continue shaping the advancement of specialty pharmaceuticals. The building houses flexible lab and open-concept office spaces, conference rooms, huddle areas, and a new caf for the campus.

The vision and purpose of the Horizon Building underscores the value EMD Serono places on fostering innovation and collaboration among its employees. Reflecting on EMD Seronos commitment to the health and safety of its employees and its global sustainability strategy, the building has been designed and constructed to achieve LEED Gold and WELL Platinum certification.

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