COVID-19 Communication to WTFP GP Training Providers

Middlesex 3 has been asked to share this letter and FAQ about the impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on WTFP GP training programs. If you have any questions, please contact, Kristen Rayne ([email protected]).

Dear WTFP General Program Training Provider,�

At Commonwealth Corporation, we understand that the�COVID-19 virus is creating tremendous uncertainty at work and in our day-to-day lives.��We recognize the major implications this virus is having on the organizations we support, their own staff members, training providers, and stakeholders.�As we begin to understand the longer-term effects, Commonwealth Corporation is here to assist in problem-solving programmatic challenges that arise as a direct or indirect result of measures taken to support public health.�We welcome any questions or concerns that you may have.�

Below, please find a few frequently asked questions and guidance for you to consider and share with your WTFP clients:�

Can we extend the 2-year grant period?�We are aware many organizations have cancelled or needed to reschedule face-to-face trainings due to COVID-19 virus.�If possible, we are strongly encouraging grantees to work with their training provider to offer remote training, virtual classrooms, webinars, etc. of planned content.�At this time, Commonwealth Corporation is exploring options for grant period extensions, however, we don�t know if or when these options will be available.�If your organization would like to be considered for a grant extension, please let your program manager know and we will inform you of status updates ASAP.��

If we were planning to offer a face-to-face training, can we convert it to a virtual classroom?�If possible, we are strongly encouraging grantees to work with their training provider to offer virtual classrooms, webinars, etc. of planned content.�If you decide to move your delivery method from a face-to-face classroom to a virtual classroom (with no changes to content or number of hours), approval from program staff is not required.�Note this is different from offering a self-directed online solution (ie, a self-paced, self-study).�If you are looking to replace existing training, a contract change request is required.�Please reach out to your program manager if you have any questions or have any next steps that need to be taken.�

My organization is looking to replace some of the face-to-face, instructor-led training with a self-direct option.�Is that allowed?�Grantee must contact their program manager to request these changes. Approval must be received, in writing, prior to implementing changes. Grantees making unauthorized changes to their approved training plan or budget risk having disallowable costs that will not be reimbursed.�These changes include changes to the training plan or budget such as changes to the total number of trainees or the trainee participation mix, change of training vendor(s), changes to the total number of training hours, or changes to the planned outcomes or goals.�Your program manager will provide guidance and determine if a contract modification is required to approve the requested change.��

We were just awarded a General Program grant.�For preventative measures, we would like to start our grant period later.�Is this possible?�We aim to be flexible with our grantees’ needs within reason.�If you have not yet started training, you may be able to postpone the beginning of the grant period.�Please reach out to your program manager for guidance.�

Are we required to report layoffs to the Workforce Training Fund Program?�We understand tough decisions may need to be made regarding your workforce. You must inform your program manager of any layoffs within your organization, in Massachusetts.

Are there any resources available to support organizations is facing staffing reductions?�Whether your company is expanding, downsizing, or looking to maintain its workforce,�MassHire�has a service for you.�Below are some resources available to organizations facing staffing reductions:

Rapid Response Program: The Rapid Response team can offer alternatives to closing a facility and laying off employees. If layoffs are inevitable, measures can be taken to lessen the impact on the company and workforce.
WorkShare Program: If you are experiencing a temporary slowdown in your business, WorkShare can help you reduce your payroll costs and maintain valued workforce.
Unemployment Insurance For Workers: Unemployment Insurance provides Massachusetts workers with a temporary income, training, and support during periods of unemployment.�

Please reach out to Kristen Rayne ([email protected]) if we can offer any assistance as we navigate these waters together.�And keep�MassHire�in mind for any needs you may have now or in the future.�


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