The workforce of tomorrow are our students and workers interested in training or re-training for careers in high-demand fields. 

There are a number of private and public resources for finding and funding interns, arranging mentorships, job shadowing, and other activities like site tours, and career day speakers. 

Programs are often locally or regionally administered, so your first stop when thinking about connecting with or training tomorrow’s workforce is through your regional Workforce Board. 

Greater Lowell

Connecting Activities – The MassHire Greater Lowell Workforce Board (MH-GLWFB) will work with your business to place a high school intern.

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Metro South West

Career Exploration Partner – MassHire Metro South West offers a number of ways to get involved with are youth, from Guest Speaking opportunities to hosting a Summer Intern. 

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Metro North

The Metro North Workforce Board offers several programs to get involved with training youth and new workers. 

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If you are not sure where to begin, schedule a meeting and Middlesex 3 will help connect you to the right resources.