Billerica Economic Development Update

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Learn About Our New Logo

We are excited to showcase our new economic development logo! The logo was designed as part of a collaborative project for the spring semester Branding & Identity Class at Framingham State University. Special thanks to Professor Laura Osterweis and her talented students including- Maddison Behringer, Hakim Carnes, Hayley Gaskin, Hannah Guerin, Geanny Infante, Thalia Nesvacil, Jake Petersen, and Lior Rachmany- for their high level of creativity and professionalism in this process.  

“We enjoyed working with the students through this process and are excited to start using this great logo in our economic development work.” said Planning and Community Development Director Erika Oliver Jerram. The final design chosen was designed by student Lior Rachmany using a tagline submitted by a resident as part of the Community Survey. The map locator marks the spot as “The Place to Be” and the red, blue, and green colors represent the historic fabric (mills), open space, and water (two rivers).  The logo can be used in a variety of ways so keep an eye out as we broaden our efforts. 

Update on 279 Boston Road, Concord Shores

The development project at 279 Boston Road, Concord Shores, is the first project permitted under the Mixed-Use Overlay zoning enacted in May 2021. The project, located at the south corner of the intersection of Boston Road and Bridge Street, will feature a single building with a ground floor restaurant and retail space, and 20 residential units. The project received board approvals in January 2023 and has received approval from the Town’s Building Department to begin site preparation. Work is expected to begin in the next few months.

The Mixed-Use zoning allows for increased residential density in return for transit amenities. In this case, the applicant is creating a bike share program for tenants, installing bike racks for retail patrons, and will work with LRTA leadership to construct and maintain a bus shelter on Boston Road. In addition, site improvements will vastly improve the way stormwater is managed on this riverfront site and the project will greatly increase landscaped areas.

Community Survey

Throughout the month of March, the Town ran a resident survey aimed at identifying businesses and services our residents enjoyed, and what they wanted. Overwhelmingly, the messages were “we love our small-town charm” and “we want a great meal”! The big items on most people’s wish-list were general retail, specialty restaurants, and amusement options for kids. For town amenities, a lot of people are using the library and existing trails, but would like more access to sidewalks, bike paths, and community spaces.

The Planning and Community Development Department is using the feedback from this survey in two main ways: as they talk with potential new businesses and brokers about coming to Billerica; and as they highlight our existing businesses in town. The survey also provided resident input on the tagline that the Department has incorporated into their new logo which will be debuting in the next few weeks.

Local Food Truck Spotlight

The Town has issued over a dozen Mobile Food / Canteen Truck licenses this year! Many of these morsels are owned by Billerica’s very own residents and ready to cater any private or corporate event you have!

Souped Up Food
“Not just soup, but souped up food!” They offer globally inspired comfort and street foods, with a constantly changing menu to highlight seasonal and health-focused dishes. This truck has been owned by Billerica residents since 2016. They are frequently found set up at Oak & Iron Brewery in Andover on Thursdays, at Carlson’s Orchard in Harvard during summer and fall, and at many other events! Find their schedule and book the truck (or their full-service catering, Above the Clouds) through their webpage. For the foreseeable future, they plan to stay in Billerica!

Polish Prince Pierogi
These handmade pierogis descend from a 100yr old secret family recipe, and the Prince fills it with traditional fillings as well as modern creations. Recently, they celebrated March Madness with a Sweet 16 fillings bracket, where social media followers have voted on head-to-head challenges. Buffalo Chicken, Honey Hot Chicken, and Sausage made the Final Four, and the Winner is Potato and Cheese! Try all their flavors by finding their truck at nearby farmer’s markets or by picking up directly from their commissary kitchen at Browns Corner.

What the Fork
What the Fork has a funny name with a serious menu! Their truck can be found at private catering events serving fine Italian food or popped up streetside for some juicy smash burgers. They’ve recently made the move to a “brick and mortar” restaurant location of their own, in the heart of Billerica, and should be opening soon. Until then, their truck is out front most evenings. Follow their social media to know when to make your next burger run! 

Augusta’s Chicken on the Run
Most Billerica residents will tell you all about Augusta’s being a local success story. For more than 30 years, Augusta’s has served Billerica and the surrounding towns and took “the best damned chicken…ever” on the road in 2012. They still have two “Cluck Trucks” they use, which you can track on their social media.
Puffy Clouds
The Puffy Clouds party carts have redefined classic carnival confections like cotton candy, popcorn, and churros. Started during the Covid-19 pandemic, it has since grown into a multi-state, multi-cart resource for all sorts of social events like birthday parties, weddings, and corporate / branding events. Book them for your next event at
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