The coalition is committed to addressing key issues within our communities, including:

  1. Improving Transportation
  2. Improving Education and Workforce Development
  3. Improving Infrastructure, Utilities & Real Estate Development
  4. Promoting and marketing Route 3 Corridor and area businesses
  5. Addressing business development concerns

Completed Initiatives:

Middlesex 3 Transportation Committee

  • Advocates for better transportation linkages between employees and existing businesses and between public transportation services (i.e., LRTA and MBTA) with the Middlesex 3 Community Compact.
  • Advocates for Transportation Improvements including road, infrastructure and alternative modes of transportation.
  • Addresses Transportation Gaps with the Middlesex 3 Restaurant Initiative. – wWorks with Lowell to address and help provide transportation for 350 job openings in Burlington.

Middlesex 3 Transportation Management Association (M3 TMA)

A partnership between businesses and communities to solve transportation related issues such as traffic congestion, air pollution, and improved transportation options.

M3 TMA services include: 

  • Carpools and an emergency ride home program
  • Transit benefits and ride matching
  • Shuttle services (between Boston, Cambridge and Route 3) and last mile connections.

M3 TMA Members with shuttle service from Boston and Cambridge include: The MITRE Corporation, E Ink, National Development, The District and The Davis Companies.  

Education and Workforce Development Committee

  • Includes educational institutions, governments, career centers, chambers, associations and businesses collaborating to address the needs of the business community.
  • Hosts industry specific round tables to address industry needs.
  • Creates industry consortium Workforce Training Grants.

Infrastructure and Development Committe

  • Identifies impediments to improve the existing permitting processes.
  • Reduces differences in permitting among nine communities.
  • Adopts best permitting practices and identifies ways for communities to collaborate on joint issues.
  • Improves responsiveness and coordination with utilities and public sector.
  • Streamlines the permitting and utilities approvals for development.

Planning Directors Meetings

  • Created to bring the planning directors together to look at ways to improve planning and permitting.
  • Looks at each community?s practices compared with the best practices and creates steps for improvements.
  • Permitting matrix of nine communities is available upon request.

Market and Promote the Middlesex 3 Corridor

  • Emphasizes the high caliber of local companies and highlights available resources (quality of schools, labor market, infrastructure, real estate, quality of life, etc.)
  • Marketing Initiatives, Press Releases, Media Events.
  • Regional Business Development Guide.
  • Route 3 Secondary Name.