The Middlesex 3 Coalition created the following action steps based upon the feedback received at the Middlesex 3 CEO Roundtable on March 18, 2016.


In order to improve transportation access for young professionals, the Middlesex 3 Transportation Management Association (M3 TMA) will work with area businesses, universities, and transportation entities to bring additional transportation resources to the Middlesex 3 region. These resources include:

  • Additional Shuttles
  • Internship Shuttles
  • Zipcars, Lyft services, etc.
  • Park & Pedal, Hubway Bike Stations, other bike initatives

We will work with area businesses to  analyze zip code data, surveys and budgets and present last mile solutions from MBTA, commuter rail stations and other commuter locations.

Through the Middlesex 3 Regional Transportation Community Compact, the we will work with the state and transportation agencies to evaluate current public transportation services in the area and develop recommendations for improvements to services that fail to meet current and future demand. 

Education and Workforce Development

To address the lack of industry training and amount of capital for startups, the Middlesex 3 Coalition will work with area businesses, educational institutions, career centers and chambers to:

  • Create an industry consortium Workforce Training Grant. This would be targeted to machinist and other vocations where there are multiple businesses seeking similar training programs in the area.
  • Host industry roundtables to help identify area workforce needs and communicate these needs to educational providers.
  • Promote the existing Workforce Training Grants and the area resources that help businesses write and obtain training grants.

Infrastructure, Utilities & Real Estate Development

  • To address zoning concerns over low-density development, the Middlesex 3 Coalition has brought together the local planning directors and to create the Middlesex 3 permitting matrix. This is a starting point, which shows the permitting similarities and differences in the nine communities. The Middlesex 3 Coalition will present the permitting matrix at our Infrastructure Committee meeting on April 14th and the communities will determine the next steps to help reduce differences and impediments in permitting.
  • To address high utility costs, the Middlesex 3 Coalition will improve responsiveness and coordination with the utilities and public and private sectors. This will be accomplished by bringing the utility companies to the table to work with area developers, businesses and public officials as part of our Infrastructure Committee initiatives.

Market & Promote the Middlesex 3 Corridor

  • The Middlesex 3 Coalition will market the advantages and resources of the entire region to the business community. This will include the Regional Business Development Guide, which will be aimed at businesses expanding or relocating to the area. In addition, we will use our website, social media and its local cable television show to highlight the amenities and resources in the area.
  • The Middlesex 3 Coalition will expand its regional marketing campaign and promote (on our website, resource guide, etc.) the amenities, arts and entertainment and housing options available to help attract young talent to the area.