SOCOTEC AE Consulting, LLC (formerly CBI Consulting, LLC) has provided Owner?s Project Manager (OPM), architectural, structural engineering, building envelope, and historic restoration services for municipal and private Clients in Massachusetts and throughout New England for almost 40 years.

From new construction projects to repairs, upgrades, maintenance, or repositioning of existing buildings, our experienced team guides clients through the highly technical issues related to the design, procurement and execution of construction projects and we develop project specific, industry proven, durable, and sustainable design solutions.

SOCOTEC optimizes the integrity and the sustainability of critical assets within the built environment in the construction and infrastructure sectors by assembling and coordinating holistic teams of technical experts and advisors to solve our clients? most complex building problems, from conception to project execution, throughout the lifecycle of assets.

We have an extensive proven track record of meeting our Clients? aesthetic and performance goals while never losing sight of the end user experience.  Bottom line, we help make buildings better.